Clothing Fulfilment

TIVE Fulfilment has a key focus on clothing fulfilment. Unlike other 3PL’s we will not accept all and any brand. Fulfilment and distribution of clothing is one of our key three niches.

Why Choose TIVE Fulfilment?

At TIVE Fulfilment, we have been providing clothing fulfilment services for start-ups to global businesses, with a particular focus on fast dispatch times. Our experienced team has worked with multiple clothing brands across the globe, ensuring that their products are picked efficiently and delivered on time, resulting in satisfied customers. Regardless of if you are selling small clothing items such as swimwear all the way to winter full body coats, TIVE Fulfilment has you covered.

We understand that clothing fulfilment can be a time-consuming process, especially when checks are required before sending out items. To streamline the process, we offer a range of value-added services such as tagging products with hangtags, including notes or promotional material in parcels, and using your own branded mailing bags.

By partnering with TIVE Fulfilment, you can save time and focus on growing your brand while we take care of the time-consuming task of clothing fulfilment. Our reliable and efficient services ensure that your customers receive their orders swiftly, contributing to their overall satisfaction with your brand.

The Onboard Process for Clothing Brands

If you are a clothing brand and wonder what the process is to getting started. Below shows just how easy it is to start saving both money and time.

Background Information

Our account manager will find out what goods you are sending out if that is small light goods or bulky goods such as winter clothing.

Select Shipping

After the initial onboarding we will discuss with you the different shipping options you have both nationally and globally.

Link Systems

Here you are nearly ready to go. The account manager will link our software with your website and here all orders will be automated.

Stock Ready

After all the tech side has been sorted our team will ensure all your stock is set on picking isles ready for your first order through our warehouse.

Customer Experience

Your customers will start receiving their parcels quickly and fully insured in both the UK and Internationally. Without you packing a single item.


One of the most critical parts. We then gather feedback from you to ensure everything is exactly how you want it to ensure you and your customer has an A* service.

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