Customer Service

Building brand can be tough and a lot of time can be spent on replying to your customers. TIVE Fulfilment now offers three different customer service packages which allow you to focus more on building the brand.

What benefits does our customer service package bring to you?

When building a brand and scaling a business you forget how much time is needed to rely to customers about product information as well as locating parcels.

Allowing a third party to take over this time consuming tasks frees up delicate time that can be put into building the brand further. You will also find that outsourcing customer service should save you money if the third party has the correct set up.

TIVE Fulfilment has a bullet proof service package that not only works with your email responses but your social media ones as well. We can integrate all your social media channels and emails into one dashboard and have a dedicated account manager respond for you. We can even customise the way our team communicate with your customers.

However, some brands only need emails replying too or just social media. This is also accepted as we do a bespoke package for every customer. Not one brand is the same as another and therefore a bespoke package works out better financially.

If you think this is something your brand needs, please reach out to us.

The Onboard Process for Customer Service

If you need help running your customer service then we can help. Below gives you a rough idea of our process to get you started.

Background Information

Our account manager will find out what package is needed for your brand.

Tailored Need

We will then find out if you have specific ways of interacting with your customer and ensure our team can accommodate this.

Link Systems

At this point we will link all your chosen communication channels to our software.

Test Emails

Once we have go everything linked up we will do a couple test emails and messages so you can review and provide feedback.

Customer Experience

Your customers will start receiving our professional response. This allows you to start freeing up your time.


One of the most critical parts. We then gather feedback from you to ensure everything is exactly how you want it to ensure you and your customer has an A* service.

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