Industrial factory warehouse interior in blurred motion and sunlight affect, toned
Industrial factory warehouse interior in blurred motion and sunlight affect, toned


A question that is asked a lot in the e-commerce world is why would you use a third party logistics (3PL) partner? Why not just do fulfilment yourself?


Well you can do it yourself, it is a great idea to do it yourself when first getting started and as the brand grows to see the importance of backroom staff sending these orders out for you. But there come a time where you have to start looking at large investments into warehouses, software and kitting the warehouse out.


This is where you will see the benefits of a 3PL partner. The investment is already done on their side so you should have zero upfront costs. Not only this but they have the staff there ready to have your orders dispatched efficiently.

A good 3PL partner should dispatch your orders on the same business day if ordered by a set time. This way your customer could receive their order next working day depending on which shipping service they use.



When looking for a UK Fulfilment centre and 3PL partner you should always check how long their expected dispatch times are, their warehousing costs and if they use multiple carriers to allow your customers to have more freedom with who ships their parcel and the speed in which they will receive the item.


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